MRE  Rations




Red: Severe Condition

Severe risk of terrorist attacks.

The following steps may be taken:
Assigning emergency response personnel and pre-positioning specially trained teams
Monitoring, redirecting or constraining transportation systems
Closing public and government facilities
Increasing or redirecting personnel to address critical emergency needs


Orange : High Condition

High risk of terrorist attacks.

In addition to the previously outlined protective measures, the following steps may be taken:
Coordinating necessary security efforts with armed forces  or
law enforcement agencies.

Taking additional precaution at public events.
Preparing to work at an alternate site or with a dispersed workforce, restricting access to essential personnel only.


Yellow: Elevated Condition

Significant risk of terrorist attacks.

The following steps may be taken:
Increasing surveillance of critical locations
Coordinating emergency plans with nearby jurisdictions
Assessing further refinement of protective measures within the context of the current threat information
Implementing, as appropriate, contingency and emergency response plans


Blue: Guarded Condition

General risk of terrorist attack.

Checking communications with designated emergency response or command locations
Reviewing and updating emergency response procedures
Providing the public with necessary information


Green: Low Condition

Low risk of terrorist attacks.

The following protective measures may be applied:
Refining and exercising preplanned protective measures
Ensuring personnel receive training on homeland security advisory system, departmental, or agency-specific protective measures
Regularly assessing facilities for vulnerabilities and taking measures to reduce them




Anthrax Alert: Q&A: Ten Things You Should Know.  Anthrax



Respirators (Gas Mask) for Law Enforcement, Civil Defense, Riot Patrol & Civilian.

Law enforcement and first responders half and full face masks for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical agents in the form of particulates, vapors and aerosols.

Moldex Dual Respirator

Dual Respirator recommended for the following uses:
     Highly toxic gases, particulates, mists and fumes. Extra large exhalation valve positioned for better communication and less hot air build up.  Replaceable cartridges with self contained inhalation valves (new inhalation valves every time cartridges are replaced)  

Replacement Cartridges for gases and particulates.

Any Particlate 
Hepa Respirator
Hepa Respirator
Dual Respirator recommended for the following uses: 
     Highly toxic gases, fumes, mists and particulates.
Extremely soft non-allerganic elastomer to provide comfort, fit and ease of maintenance.The face piece conforms gently to the face. 
Includes: 2 Pancake P100 Any Particulate HEPA Filters.
Replacement filters


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